School Houses

School Houses @ Chilwell PS

Upon arrival at Chilwell, all students are placed in one of four houses…


Bareena                 Green

Marnock                 Red

Riversdale             Yellow

Balyang                  Blue


Our houses compete against each other at sporting events throughout the year, such as our athletics and cross-country. These events allow our students to come together and show their team spirit by dressing in their house colours and singing their house songs. Recently the student house leaders have come together to organise ‘House Activities Day’ that will be held every fortnight, giving a chance to practice mindfulness and get to know the other students in older or younger year levels. We believe that the house system encourages students to do their best, if not for their own sake, then for the sake of their house!

At the beginning of the year, two year 6 students from each house are nominated to be the house captains for the year.  It is a great opportunity for our Year 6 students to practise their organisation and leadership skills so they are ready for the challenges to come in high school. This year we’d like to introduce you to our captains…


Henry Meade

Henry M – 6JS

I am looking forward to leading Riversdale in school cross country and school athletics and also helping Mrs. V and Peter with junior cross country. I am especially excited to help Mrs.V with PMP with the preps for the first part of the year.

I think that whats great about Riversdale is that our value is belief. I want to see all of Riversdale showing belief in themselves especially during sport events where we are going up against the other houses.

As a house captain I aspire to be a kind and caring leader who leads by example. I want to be a house captain who anyone in Riversdale should feel comfortable asking for my help.

Thomas Bradby

Tom B – 6EH

Hi my name is Tom I am the House Captain of Riversdale. I am looking forward to supporting all of Riversdale especially during the athletics day and cross country.

A really great thing about Riversdale is the kindness people show each other and the friendships throughout the house.

My aspirations as House Captain are for all of Riversdale to feel proud and inspired and to make sure everyone is included.

Isla Lycett

Isla L – 6EH

I am looking forward to running 5,6 sport and helping with the Cross Country and Athletics. I’m excited to watch our house compete and encourage others to do their best, and I look forward to making a fun house chant. I would like to inspire others to take on my role in future.

Bareena works well together and always has good fun. We are all very supportive and energetic, and everyone shows good sportsmanship and teamwork, if we win or lose.

To extend the role of house captain we can run wellbeing activities for all classes. We could also have a carnival day where houses compete in a range of challenges and games so everyone can feel included. I hope to see everyone enjoying some fun competition, ideally with a wave of green coming over the finish line!


Kyle Ducci

Kyle D – 6JS

I look forward to cheering on my house in athletics and cross country as well as creating fun new games in year 5/6 sport for my house to play. I am also looking forward to attending all the meetings for house captains and I am looking forward to doing PMP with the preps.

We are the best house and have great sports people in our house that help us do well! We also have great kids in our house. We are green which is the colour of go and we never give up when we are going.

I am going to bring lots of energy and cheer my house on, encouraging the students to always do their best in athletics and cross country. I want our house to be the greenest and loudest, so that everyone else wished they could be in Bareena.

MAD0004 Scaled

Chase M – 6JS

I’m eager to lead our house to victories in cross country and athletics, and make sure 5-6 sports and house activities are fun and fulfilling. I will support every student in achieving their best. I can’t wait to inspire and unite our team!

Our house is great because we do everything together – we share, work and succeed as one big team. We’re like a family, helping each other; when one of us wins, we all win. That’s what makes Marnock special.

Marnock is known for its incredible team morale, something I’ve always loved. Growing up in Marnock, I learned how important it is to support and encourage each other. This is why as House Captain, I’m committed to boosting our house’s spirit and ensuring everyone feels included. I know that winning isn’t everything; growing together as a team and making lasting friendships is most important.

Lenny Closter

Lenny C – 6JS

A couple things I am really looking forward to is 100% 5/6 sport I think I could bring amazing new ideas to people and take inspiration from other house captains. I think on athletics day and would be happy to help out people if in need of assistance or just tips on how to do something.

Marnoc is great because most of the kids are new to the school and marnoc welcomed them with open arms and are happy to have them in their house. Another reason marnoc is great is because everyone is pretty much friends or get along pretty well.

I would like to work on my public speaking which is why I thought the house captain job would be great for me along with my athleticism. I want to encourage the younger kids to give it their best go. I don’t necessarily like school myself but the goal I would really like to achieve is if other kids are down in the dumps about their friends leaving them out or something like that I would love to help them.



Lylah Wilson

Lylah W – 6JS

I am looking forward to leading Balyang House and trying to get others to feel good about being in Balyang house.

I think what is great about our house is that we are a strong and determined house. 

My apirations this year are to lead a good example for our house and have people try their hardest when it comes to school sports.


Max Slimmon

Max S – 6EH

I am looking forward in my role of house captain to let people see us in more than just a sport captain and for people to be confident that they can come and talk with me for any reason because I am caring and kind.

The great things about my house are that they are determined, confident, courageous and always happy. They are also very kind so they help everyone out and always work hard in class.

My aspirations in this role of House Captain are to get people to look at us for more than just the sports captains and to see us as hardworking and caring for different people and approachable in the school yard.