School Houses

School Houses @ Chilwell PS

Upon arrival at Chilwell, all students are placed in one of four houses…


Bareena                 Green

Marnock                 Red

Riversdale             Yellow

Balyang                  Blue


Our houses compete against each other at sporting events throughout the year, such as our athletics and cross-country. These events allow our students to come together and show their team spirit by dressing in their house colours and singing their house songs. Recently the student house leaders have come together to organise ‘House Activities Day’ that will be held every fortnight, giving a chance to practice mindfulness and get to know the other students in older or younger year levels. We believe that the house system encourages students to do their best, if not for their own sake, then for the sake of their house!

At the beginning of the year, two year 6 students from each house are nominated to be the house captains for the year.  It is a great opportunity for our Year 6 students to practise their organisation and leadership skills so they are ready for the challenges to come in high school. This year we’d like to introduce you to our captains…


LIM0004 Scaled

Elias Limb

As a house captain I have learned to work well with everyone using my communication skills to put forward ideas. I have also learned to be more confident when public speaking. I am proud of my efforts in helping, guiding and supporting students in programs throughout the year.

I think to raise the profile and pride of our houses we need to continue to do activities like the house activities day. I think it’s important because activities like this connect all the students together, and it gives the house captains a responsibility. I think we could also get students to vote on a new house strength, because it gives the current students a voice. For example instead of belief for Riversdale it could be Resilience.

MIL0013 Scaled

Mima Mills

I’ve really enjoyed my time as a leader. I love working with kids and helping them improve on their skills. I’ve learnt that challenges don’t come as easy as you first imagine and that being house captain comes with lots of responsibility. I am really proud of this achievement seeing as I’m new to the school. I’m also really proud of everything that I have been through because being a captain doesn’t come easily. I’m looking forward to the next challenges that get thrown at us.

I think that going forward we should switch up our activities a bit because some kids expect what we’re going to do and it’s not that fun. So, kids might find it more exciting to have new activities every week. We could also start doing team building activities, where you have to work together to win the game, so our team spirit can grow.

ALL0014 Scaled

Asher Allport


MAH0005 Scaled

Oscar Maher

My time as a leader has been fun and rewarding to see our house perform well at Cross Country and Athletics in 2023. I have learnt to lead a large number of students and provide a positive and supportive environment for sporting activities. Being a leader has enabled me to listen, provide encouragement and solutions to the students. My confidence has increased, especially in public speaking at Friday Assemblies. I have fully enjoyed my time as a House Captain, and I am very thankful for the opportunity.

To raise the profile and pride of our houses I think we could visit each classroom to meet and greet with students in our House and discuss upcoming events. Rewarding students for Best Costume and Best Efforts, maybe a handing over the baton or the captaincy in 2024 at an Assembly, this would raise the profile of the importance of the house. With Bareena being Green, we could associate this with the environment as well, and ensure any dress up is recyclable or substantiable.

GOW0005 Scaled

George Gow

As my time as a leader I have learnt how to speak in front of a lot of people more confidently and I have really enjoyed working together with the other house captains. I am really looking forward to the time I have left. I am proud of my ability to take on this role for term three while Harriet Is away.

I think by representing your house colour on your hat or on your t-shirt so that way you would become more aware of who is in your house and get get to know your fellow house mates more. I think we could also have some non-sport house competitions, such as house singing or fun activities like tug of war etc.

SLE0003 Scaled

Archie Sleep

Hi I am Archie Sleep the 2023 Marnock house captain. It has been awesome being a leader these past two terms having all these opportunities. There is much more to a house captain than cross country and athletics, our school has given so many opportunities to come together and try so many new things. I have learnt a lot but one that stands out is definitely being brave because sometimes people won’t like decisions you make or things you say but that’s ok because as long as you are brave and confident it won’t affect you as much. If we had to talk about what we are proud of it would definitely be realising that my house chose me to represent them and that they want me to be their leader.

One idea I have that can raise our profile and pride of our houses from within our school is to have a suggestion box set up somewhere that all students can access. When we take action on a suggestion, we can recognise the student who suggested it at assembly or newsletter thanking them. Another idea is for all students to have an item that displays what house they are in that they can have during school time e.g. house coloured socks, keychains, drink bottles, pencils cases or maybe go as far as coloured bags.

RUD0004 Scaled

Shirley Rudd

I have really enjoyed being a house captain so far this year. I have loved organising activities and leading my house through athletics, cross country, junior cross country ect. I have learnt so much about being a leader such as, communication skills, confidence, public speaking and just how to be a good leader. I am very proud of getting the role of house captain as there were a lot of great people who also tried and I had always wanted to be a house captain. My other biggest achievement as house captain was my house winning the cross country.

I think what we’ve started this term is a really good idea, how we are doing house activities twice every term as this gives the house captains a chance to lead their house in other types of activities. This is a great idea as in previous years the house captains have only done athletics and cross country and then their job is pretty much over. This also gives the kids who might not like sport a chance to represent their house in something different that they do like.


GEO0011 Scaled

Henry George

As a leader I’ve enjoyed the responsibilities and tasks that I’ve achieved so far, such as teaching younger kids and encouraging them to try different skills. I haven’t been a captain for long but I am grateful for the time I have had and will have. As a House Captain I’ve learnt leadership and how to be patient and encouraging for younger kids. For my remaining time I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more, including being more strategic about the ways kids like to play and learn. I am proud to have been chosen for this role because my house have trusted me to be the 2023 Balyang House Captain. I look forward to being the captain for the rest of the year.


To raise the pride and spirit of our house I think we should hold a non- sporting event, such as a board game competition between the houses. That way kids can contribute well to their house even they are not as keen and confident about sporting events.