School Captains

School Captains @ Chilwell PS

Harrison Growse

Harry G – 6JS

I am looking forward to many things, one of them is being a role model. I remember looking up to all the School Captains throughout my time at Chilwell, and hoping to become one of those fantastic role models. They showed all our school values of respect, resilience, kindness and persistence. Something else I’m looking forward to is public speaking at assembly. I don’t have much experience in public speaking, but I’m confident and excited to learn.

I aspire to be the best I can be for this school. I would also love to make some new friends in younger years. I hope if you have any questions for me out in the yard you will come to me with the confidence that I’ll answer you as best as I can. I dream of becoming one of the best leaders Chilwell has ever had. Know that I’ll always give my best efforts as your Chilwell School Captain.



Ari Edwards

Ari E – 6JS

I am very excited to be Semester 2 School Captain. I am looking forward to being a great role model and leader. I am very excited to help out with school events and running weekly assemblies. I am especially looking forward to working closely with my fellow School Captains.

I will approach the role with kindness, resilience, persistence and respect, just like our school values. I want to be a leader where every student at Chilwell Primary School feels comfortable to approach me for help or advice. I will listen to everyone’s ideas and suggestions so that together we can make Chilwell an even better place.

Caitlin Wuite

Caitlin W – 6EH

This year I’m sure that being a School leader going to be tough but also really exciting. But I’m going to look forward to a lot of things including assembly’s and making speech’s throughout the year. I also looking forward to helping all the students and doing some tours. But I am sure this year will be busy and packed with things to look forward to.

This year I’m hoping to make some changes and bring new ideas as a leader. My ideas include more environmentally friendly things throughout the school and maybe more events where the school comes together as a whole. I think it’s important to bring people to visit students and maybe have roles for students in the lunch clubs. I am excited to bring lots of ideas and changes to the school.

Paddy Rhodes

Paddy R – 6JS

As a semester 2 school captain I’m looking forward to working with the other school captains and I’m grateful I got the opportunity to have this role. I’m really looking forward to speaking at assembly and representing our school, I’m also looking forward to the experiences that come with being school captain and the challenges that it brings.

One of my goals is to stop rubbish from floating around and to remind people to pick it up and throw it in the bin. Another one of my goals is to represent the school well showing all the values of respect, persistence, resilience and kindness, and be a good role model for the younger grades.

Eve Kasper

Eve K – 6EH

As one of the semester one Vice Captains, I look forward to working with the Chilwell community to continue making this school a great place to learn and grow. I will be approachable and open for ideas from all students, be proactive and show kindness in this role. I also look forward to welcoming new families to Chilwell Primary, speaking at assembly and being a positive role model. I want to lead by example and show people that you can do anything you want, when you put in 100%.

My aspiration is to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves. 

Eva Klein

Eva K – 6JS

As a Semester 2 School Vice Captain, I look forward to helping with school events and fundraisers that assist with improving our school. I’m very excited to get to know the staff and fellow leaders who will be along side me in this journey, I love public speaking and therefore look forward to assemblies, the school concert and talking confidently in front of a crowd. I hope to be a good representative of Chilwell Primary school and make positive changes for our future.

I am looking forward to sharing ideas and listening to my fellow students in order to make positive changes. I want to assist students to learn in a creative and environmental way, by connecting classes to outdoor spaces more often. Also, by offering artistic craft options for clubs. We have an exciting year ahead of us!

Madhav Nair

Madhav N – 6JS

I am honoured to be elected as the School Vice Captain of this great school in 2024. I really look forward to working with other leaders and teachers to organise and coordinate school events. I am very excited to be part of Junior School Council where I can contribute to making improvements in the school. I am also very excited to speak during the School Assembly and connecting with the school community.

My aspiration is to make sure that all students know that they feel safe and happy and that they belong to this wonderful school. I would also like to encourage more diversity in our school community and make everyone feel valued.

Penny Johnston

Penny J – 6EH

Something I’m looking forward to doing this year is helping those with big ideas but little voices be heard. I think community connection is important and I look forward to bringing people together during the year. I’m also looking forward to working with and learning from my fellow leaders who have different skills.

I’m dedicated to making sure everyone feels welcome, happy and safe. For me, this is an opportunity to give back to the school that’s given so much to me. My aspiration is to inspire the younger students and at the same time grow my own confidence.