School Captains

School Captains @ Chilwell PS

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James Ilievski – 6MG

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a School Captain this semester. Getting to work with my fellow leaders, students and staff has taught me so much, and I have learnt how to be a better leader and person. Throughout my time as a captain, I have learnt that being a leader can be challenging, but also so rewarding. One highlight of my time as school captain is preparing and being involved in assemblies. Another highlight is conducting the school tours and meeting new families. I’m proud of the way I have learnt to take on everything throughout the semester and I’m forever grateful for the wonderful opportunity to be school captain of this amazing school.



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Niki Kukreja – 6MW

As a Semester 2 School Vice Captain, I am certainly looking forward to a lot of things this year, but something I am really looking forward to this year is to be part of assemblies. Speaking at them and running them seems extremely exciting. They also give our school the ability to celebrate the accomplishments and successes of our fellow students. I am looking forward to being able to celebrate these students. Although, public speaking is definitely one of my goals, I hope to overcome it by speaking more often in front of big crowds. That’s a skill I definitely need to sharpen!

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Caden Biddiscombe – 6MC

In my time as School Vice-Captain I have enjoyed helping around Chilwell when needed. I have learnt that you have to step out of your comfort zone and do things you don’t normally do, but you do it for the people you are leading. Some highlights have been, speaking at assembly, doing tours for future students and being on junior school council. As a group we set the standards which is special to me because the kids look up to you as role models. Being a School Captain has made me strive to be a role model worth looking up to.

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Ella Modise – 6MC

As a semester 2 school captain I’m delighted to be helping organise special events with my fellow school captains. I’m excited to work with them in a team dynamic, and listen to their ideas while we create many precious memories. I’m looking forward to working with the school community from prep to year 6 and hearing all of their unique ideas! I can’t wait to help organise any fund-raising events with my friends and I hope that I positively represent the school every day being a kind and friendly rolemodel that my peers can look up to. I’m very proud to be Chilwell’s semester 2 school captain and hope that I can enjoy this time with my fellow leaders.

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Minnie Lovejoy – 6MW

I have really enjoyed being a School Captain this year. My time as a leader has been awesome, and I’m so grateful to have opportunities like helping with school events and running weekly assemblies. I’m proud of everything I’ve done in my role, from representing our school and taking people on tours, to herding up classes for their school photos! My biggest highlight is definitely that I have got to do this job with my good friends. We’re a great team and I’ve learnt that if you are surrounded with the right people, you can accomplish anything together. I’m really proud to be a school captain because not a lot of people get to do it and to me it’s such an honour to represent Chilwell. To next semester’s leaders, good luck!

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Finn Mccoll – 6MW

I am Semester 2 School Captain and I am grateful to be was given this amazing opportunity. I want to bring composting into our school and work on the sustainable garden that we are planning to build, to create a better environment in our schoolyard and to help the planet. I am passionate about music and hope we can introduce more structured and more varied options for instrumental groups to encourage the creative side of learning in Chilwell students. As a School Captain, I want to inspire younger grades to become a leader one day and to love our school.

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Sayuni Dharmasena – 6MG

My experience as a School Vice-Captain at Chilwell has been great. I have not only learnt heaps of new things but also have had lots of fun on the way. I have enjoyed doing tours, running assembly and working with our amazing principal Meg. All these opportunities have improved my public speaking, organisation and communication skills. For me, being a captain doesn’t mean having a fancy badge but knowing that you have a responsibility to make our school a better place for everyone. Our school is a welcoming place with teachers and students who have encouraged us through our primary school journey and I couldn’t be prouder than to be known as a Chilwell captain.

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Daniel Lim – 6MG

As Vice Captain in Semester 2, I’m looking forward to being a helpful leader and to be a good role model. If you see me in the yard don’t hesitate to ask me any questions or concerns or just say hi. One of my goals for next semester is to help all students get a better, safer learning space. I also want to help the environment in our school and want to spread the message to pick up rubbish you see in the yard. My last goal is to encourage diversity at this school and to learn more from each other. I hope to see you in the yard!