Junior School Council

Junior School Council @ Chilwell PS

Naushad Kabir

Naushad K – 5SJ

I love being a student at Chilwell Primary School because it has a very lively environment for learning, very supportive and talented teachers and engaging extracurricular activities. The students are bright, friendly and kind which makes everyday enjoyable! Our school is a great place to learn and develop skills to become a good human.

As a Junior School Council member, I am excited about supporting the growth of our school and its community. My aim is to promote student wellbeing, sustainability, and inclusivity. I want to push for more eco-friendly policies like recycling programmes and encourage student voice. By planning activities that address diversity and kindness, we can make our school a better place.

Harry Knight

Harry K – 4SW

I love all the teachers and children because they are all so kind and friendly. I also love the clubs that happen at lunch including coding, soccer and craft. I’m grateful for of the opportunity to be part of the Junior School Council. I’m so lucky to go to Chilwell P.S.

I want to make a difference. I have lots of good ideas, I will work hard to clean up the school, be a leader that students look up to by being kind and considerate, set a good example, be respectful to everyone in the school, support and encourage younger students and make the school a better place to learn and play.

Josephine Johnston

Josie J – 4KJ

Chilwell has a lovely community and all the families really get involved in the school on special days which I love. My favourite special days are the Fair and Concert. All the teachers are supportive and approachable every day and the students always look after each other in the yard. I love being a student at Chilwell!

Diversity is really important and something I hope to focus on this year. I will be looking for opportunities to celebrate all the different cultures we are lucky to have in our school. I also think well-being is important and I want to find ways to help anyone who is feeling anxious or having a difficult time.

Alejandro Daniel

Alejandro D – 3JO

I love that the school has got great footy goals. I also like going to coding club and chess club they are very cool. I have great friends and they are the best. Lunch orders have yummy food and I very much love playing at recess!

I want to stop people littering and make people even happier at Chilwell. I also want to bring in new soccer nets on the soccer pitch. I would like to get new sporting equipment for the school such as table tennis for PE.

Adam Nizamovski

Adam N – 4JC

I love being part of the Chilwell community because of having great teachers, amazing playgrounds, lots of great friends and an opportunity to thrive. I get to know students from different countries and backgrounds, and together we are one big community.

I want to drive positive change, improve communication and help every new student feel welcome. My plan is to promote soccer as a sport, include as many kids as possible and help to get soccer goals for the school.

Samuel Munday

Samuel M – 3CE

I love being a student at Chilwell PS. I have made really great friends and the teachers make learning fun everyday. PE and STEM are my favourite. The playgrounds are pretty cool but I prefer to play soccer on the soccer pitch.

I’m excited to have been chosen as a Junior School Council member this year. I can’t wait to listen to my class mates great ideas on how to make the school a better place. I hope to get soccer goals for the soccer pitch!

Alexia Limb

Alexia L – 5MW

I love that I can come to school and a get a good education. Chilwell PS is great because there are lots of opportunities here including, Junior School Council, House and School Captains and lots of amazing lunchtime clubs. We have great outdoor equipment used for P.E and out in the yard. We have awesome playgrounds which everyone likes to use.We have many great teachers who help us all learn a lot.

As a Junior school council member, I will try to make the school a better place.I will do this by trying to remove all the rubbish in the school yard, I will make sure every one is nice and kind to each other, and make sure that everyone feels safe and happy in the Chilwell environment.