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ICT @ Chilwell PS

Chilwell Primary School is proud of its ICT infrastructure and the way it is used in teaching and learning programs. We are lucky to have a designated ICT Lab with 30 computers and each classroom has a minimum of 6 iPads. Combine this with the BringIT2Chilwell iPad program and we have a very technology rich environment. It is up us to harness the technology and make the most of it! We invest heavily in teacher Professional Learning for staff in the effective use of technology.


What are the SAMR & TPACK models??? Visit this link to see more…


We have been learning about the SAMR and TPACK models and how we can purposefully plan and use our knowledge to improve student outcomes.

It has helped us identify how we can improve and add value to the work students are creating using the iPad and a number of apps – app smashing!


The BringIT2Chilwell iPad program has its own dedicated site so please visit this to get a better idea of what we do with iPads… or better still, come in and visit us.



Cyber1Chilwell Primary School prides itself on being Cybersafe. We integrate cybersafety into the curriculum and also explicitly teach it. We have undergone our eSmart accreditation and were one of the first schools to be accredited. The Alannah & Madeline Foundation do a wonderful job at supporting schools and families in building cybersafe environments. We engage cybersafety experts to improve our knowledge and what we can do to keep our students safe. Susan McLean and Robbie Noggler are 2 experts engaged with us and we encourage families to attend any cybersafety presentation they can – at our school or other venues!

Please take a look at our staged response by clicking here. CPS Consequences of misuse and behaviours May 2015


Some more great resources can be found on the sites below.

eSmart – Check out the work we have done under this framework to become accredited.

Is your home eSmart? Click here for some great ideas!

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CyberSafety – Guide To Online Safety




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