Chilwell PS is a high performing school that focuses on ‘future making’ for every single student in our community.



At Chilwell, our classroom programs focus on developing a positive & cooperative learning environment in which children can achieve their potential in all curriculum areas. The school provides a sequential & inclusive curriculum based on  the Victorian Curriculum, enhanced by Learning Technologies (BringIT2Chilwell iPad program years 2-6) and guided by Early Years & Middle Years philosophies.

Teachers remain committed to continuous professional development. Team planning of curriculum and Professional Learning Teams promote a shared pedagogy, are driven by assessment data and supported Literacy, Numeracy and ICT Coaching.

Our School takes great pride in providing a high quality education for all students.

Chilwell Primary School is located in Newtown with an enrolment of 410. Chilwell is a family orientated school with a strong partnership with the community. Chilwell creates a learning environment for all students & staff in which the principles of care, courtesy & respect for the rights and property of all are valued.





Heard about it? Know what it is? This program is an optional program for students in Years 2-6 to bring their own iPad to school to assist their learning! We have a strong philosophy on using ICT as a tool as we all know, Teachers teach! Visit the BringIt2Chilwell webpage for further details.

Our Vision

Chilwell Primary is a school that prepares students for life.

Our students strive to achieve their full potential by being engaged, focused and enthusiastic learners. Our staff inspire, engage and nurture students through a dynamic curriculum that supports the academic, social and emotional wellbeing of each child.

Our Values

Kindness: Kindness is being considerate to yourself and to others. Kindness comes from engaging positive emotions to help us be accepting, compassionate and caring.

Respect: Respect is a positive and considerate way of treating or thinking about someone or something. When people are insulted or treated badly, they have not been shown respect. It is so important that we have respect for ourselves, others and the environment.

Resilience: We know everyone has to cope with ‘ups and downs’, and we are looking to use a growth mindset to overcome and cope with life’s daily challenges. We want to be able to deal with problems and issues and build up our strength from the inside.

Persistence: To persist is to continue to try and to be determined. Being persistent calls on self-belief, hope and courage. This allows us to be determined and to have a strong purpose in what we do.

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