Student Lead Conferences 

It’s that time of the year when we celebrate the achievements of our students and the want to share this with you. It is also a great opportunity to discuss next semester’s learning goals and strategies with the class teacher. 3-Way Interviews or Student Lead Conferences will be held in the students’ classroom on Wednesday 24th June. This is a Pupil Free day but your student must attend the meeting with you. The booking site (PTO) will open on Tuesday June 2nd at 5pm. You can retrieve your passwords via the PTO link on School website. Lesley will be available to assist you on Thursday 4th June between 12pm–1pm if you have any troubles. A computer is available in the Library if you need access to the internet. Please click on the link to book a time. If you are unavailable on this day, please let your child’s teacher know so an alternate time may be arranged. We thank you in advance for your support in continuing to improve and support the education of your children.


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Chilwell Primary School is located in Newtown with a current enrolment of 371 students. Chilwell is a family orientated school with a strong partnership with the community. Chilwell creates a learning environment for all students & staff in which the principles of care, courtesy & respect for the rights and property of all are valued. A school Chaplain is appointed to our school; the role is integrated with our Student Engagement Policy.

Classroom programs focus on developing a positive & cooperative learning environment in which children can achieve their potential in all curriculum areas. The school provides a sequential & inclusive curriculum based on VELS, enhanced by Learning Technologies (BringIT2Chilwell iPad program) and guided by Early Years & Middle Years philosophies. Teachers remain committed to continuous professional development. Team planning of curriculum and Professional Learning Teams promote a shared pedagogy, are driven by assessment data and supported by e5 Instructional Model, PoLT, Literacy & Numeracy Coaching. Literacy, Numeracy & ICT are our curriculum strengths. This school has 24.5 equivalent full time staff, 2 principal class officers, 21 teachers and 6 Education Support staff.

Major building works were completed in 2011 with the construction of four new classrooms, an ICT Lab, Library and canteen. Refrubishemnt of the Administration areas are currently underway. Please look for signs to the office located in 3JC’s classroom for term 2, 2015.

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