From the Principal

Dear Families

Semester 1:

Congratulations to all, we made it!!! The gradual return to the normal school year has progressed over the term. Overall we are just grateful to be at school, with the students, fellow staff and parents/carers. The great observation I have made is the return of parent helpers into the classroom. The benefit to staff and students with this return is obvious.

The recent lifting of the vaccination mandate is also welcomed. This will allow another aspect of “school life” to return to normal. The Government is still highly recommending the vaccination process but it is no longer mandated.


Term 2 Final Assembly:

As usual our final assembly will require a change of the Friday’s schedule.

Lunch: Will be from 1.00 -2.00

Pack up rooms and bags 2.00 – 2.10

Assembly: 2.10 – 2.30 (Weather permitting)

Also note that the crossing supervisors do not start until 2.30 so please take care when coming to join us at the assembly.


Planning Day Care:

At the moment we do not have enough students booked in for the Pupil Free Day July 11. If you do require care for this day please either contact the office or Cheryl in Out of School Care to arrange.

We will make a decision regarding the viability of the care tomorrow and notify parents of the need to find an alternative for the 11th.


Curriculum Day/School Council:

Council last night met on a cold wet night. Thank you to all our members for their commitment to this area of the school’s operation. Items included:

  • Reports were tabled by: Finance, Out of School Care, Parent Engagement and Facilities.
  • Discussion and ratification of the Curriculum Day on Friday Aug 5. This Day will be based on Numeracy, which is one of our Annual Implementation Plan goals for 2022. The need to do it early in the term is so that the implementation of any changes has time in 2022 to be trialled, discussed, modified and we are able to plan for 2023.
  • Presentation of a survey to parents regarding communication, parent committee, parent grade representatives in the school. This will be distributed early term 3.
  • Question around change of hours for Out of School Care.
  • Uniform changes.
  • Tendering of the Cleaning Service to our school.


Parent Teacher Interviews:

Thank you to those who have booked in. Bookings have now closed. Please help everyone by:

  • Being on time on Thursday.
  • When your interview time expires please think of the next family. If you require a further get together please arrange via staff or office for a later day.
  • Read the report and note down any input/questions you have. This will assist in the best use of the time.
  • Regretfully these interviews do not involve the student. Going over the report with your child will also assist you in framing questions etc.



We are very pleased to announce that the 2022 concert is on!!!

We are fortunate to have Hollie Schuster agreeing to take charge of the concert. Hollie has worked in our school many times so she is familiar to both our students and staff.  She has also overseen a number of school concerts in other schools.

Practice will begin first week of term 3 with the concert booked at the Arena for Sept 14. We have a lot to achieve between now and then!


Parent Helper:

We are in need of a person to coordinate our student headlice checks once or twice a term. No experience necessary. Please let the office know if you are available.


Finally could I again thank all for the work, time and support we all have given to each other. The connectedness of our community is a strength of Chilwell. It has been a challenge to maintain this over the past years but it is great to see it coming back.

Have a restful break, enjoy the slower pace in the mornings!


Gavan Welsh

Principal Chilwell Primary School.


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