From the Principal

Dear Families,

Wet Days:  Today gives us an insight into what awaits us in the coming months. We all love these days!!! Just a few reminders, some of which we will reinforce with the children.

Travel to and from school becomes a bit more tricky. The roads are slippery, visibility is a bit diminished and it takes more time to arrive at our destination.

We will need to call wet day timetables.

There will be days when it is raining at 3.30pm and picking up children will need a bit more patience due to increased traffic.


Footy Day:  Some of us will have difficulty putting on our team’s colours!!! However let’s see some strength of character.

The year 6 fundraising group are using the money raised to offset the cost of their end of year Graduation. Great to see them taking responsibility for this.


Anaphylaxis:  Again could I remind all of the need to restrict nuts and nut products from school snacks and lunches. We have a number of children in our school who are allergic to these products, even touching them can result in dangerous reactions.


Lunch Orders:  Our first day of the return of Friday lunch orders went very smoothly. The orders were in on Thursday, envelopes labelled and the distribution went very smoothly (Thanks Christie).

If you have some time on a Friday please contact Amber in the office and join the roster. It usually takes around 30 minutes (1.10 -1.40) to get the lunches into the rooms.


Lost Property:  Again can I appeal to everyone to label jumpers, lunch containers etc. The lost property area is swimming in jumpers etc. which obviously belongs to someone in our school. Thanks to Jeff Smith who oversees this area of the school.

Lost property is in the cupboard mid-way down the South Wing (In the amphitheatre area). You will be surprised what you find in the cupboard.


Change of Details:  Please use the Sentral App to update any changes to your contacts (Email, phone etc.). This also applies to your emergency contacts. Hopefully we never have an emergency which requires these contacts but from time to time it is necessary.


Congratulations:  At last week’s assembly we were informed that 2 of our students had tried out for the Vic School’s football team. Oska R and Daniel A played a number of “trial’ games and both represented our school well. Oska was chosen to continue in the process and has been selected in the Western Metropolitan team. He will be competing against teams selected from other Victorian Regions. Well done boys and good luck Oska


Gavan Welsh

Principal Chilwell Primary School.


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