From the Principal

Dear  Families,


Hopefully we have a positive (school) announcement this afternoon. We will send out an update later with the news when we hear and when we have time to assess the impact on our operations. We also hope that the announcement will outline any restrictions/ operational aspects for you and us.

Today’s newsletter is a bit of a celebration of the work that is going on in your homes. Well done!!

We are extremely lucky to have the students who are as committed to their learning as we are. Well done children.


Playground development:

Contracts are just about to be signed to demolish and replace the existing playgrounds. The works schedule is for a 2-3 week disruption. This will obviously be a challenge but the short term pain will be outweighed by the end result.

I will place a copy of the plans in the foyer for viewing.


Parent Survey:

This is an annual opportunity to have feedback from our families. We have randomly selected 130 families to undertake the survey. These families will be contacted and instructions issued on how to electronically undertake the survey.

If your family is not selected I will place hard copies of the survey in the foyer for you to pick up and complete. A box will be placed in the foyer for returns thus maintaining confidentiality.


Gavan Welsh

Principal Chilwell Primary School.





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