From the Principal

Swimming –

Thank you to Jeff Smith and Sarah Jeffreys for their organisation in regards to swimming these next two weeks. A lot of time and effort is spent attempting to level and timetable students and we look forward to the weeks ahead. Hopefully the weather is on our side and we can enjoy a stroll up to Geelong College each day in the sunshine.

A reminder to all parents and carers that the pool policy clearly states that only signed up parent/ carer volunteers can attend the pool.  They will not be allowing any visitors to attend this year.


Preps transition – 

It has been exciting to welcome our new prep students who have completed two transition sessions.  We have over 50 new enrolments for next year and looking forward to welcoming them in to our school community.  It was great to enjoy morning tea with these families yesterday while students engaged with teachers in the classroom.


Staffing Updates:- 

Congratulations to Virginnia Gilham who was successful in obtaining the role as Disability and Inclusion Coordinator for 2023.  Her work will continue to be around skilling staff to make relevant adjustments to support students with additional needs within each classroom.  There will also be a focus around educating our community as to what true inclusion looks like, identifying all children as individuals, understanding exhibited behaviours and setting up all students for success.

Congratulations also to Cathy Burns for successfully obtaining the role of Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator. She will be undertaking a course at Melbourne Uni around Mental Health and work with staff to support student health and wellbeing at Chilwell.

This is a new role that will evolve throughout the 2023 school year, whereby we will be hoping to include small group projects pertaining to the Arts, and programs implemented around social and emotional wellbeing.

We welcome Emily Angliss, Jared Shaw, Jordan Osborne and officially Britt Hercus to the teaching and learning team for 2023.  They will hopefully all be in attendance for our whole school transition on December 13th.  Please make them welcome.


Election Day BBQ and Bake Sale – 

Thank you to the volunteers who worked tirelessly on Saturday at the election day BBQ and Bake Sale.  We successfully raised $2217 for additional resources and revamping of the courtyard near the prep entrance.

Thanks to our families who baked goods that were sold on the day.  In particular I would like to thank Phoebe and Drew Stanmore for their organisation and coordination of the day.  We cannot undertake these events without the support of volunteers donating their time.


Working Bee – Sunday December 11th 9am until 11am

Please come along and support us in a working bee to clean out the fair sheds, canteen and old furniture on Sunday December 11th.  We will provide a sausage sizzle at the conclusion of this morning for families volunteering their time.




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