BringIT2Chilwell iPad Program – Towards Transformation

 ipadChilwell Primary School’s “Learning for Life” motto also encompasses digital learning and opportunities that become available into the future. School Council and staff created a Digital Learning Vision in that states:

Chilwell Primary School is committed to establishing a dynamic and thriving culture where digital learning is embraced and valued. In partnerships with families, our school community will be equipped to meet developing technologies with confidence, enthusiasm and the skills required preparing Chilwell students for a safe and productive future in the ever-changing world.”

Since 2015, we have implemented a BYOD iPad program with approx 90% uptake in Years 2-6. The support from our community has been fantastic and we aim to continually improve this percentage as time goes on. The BringIT2Chilwell iPad program is a 21st Century Digital Learning opportunity for students at Chilwell PS to be a part of and link to the wider community through a range of apps and various platforms.


SAMR Model: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition









Teacher pedagogy (the way teacher’s teach) is crucial in all programs and just as important in ICT.  As a staff we have been learning about the SAMR model.Check out the images to gain a further understanding of the SAMR model. During 2017, 6 staff members are participating in a program called Towards Transformation. During the fortnightly sessions, staff have access to an Apple Education Coach to discuss pedagogy and develop our skills in delivering high quality learning programs that incorporate the iPad.


feedback effect sizeProfessor John Hattie’s research into what improves Educational Outcomes for students, shows that “Feedback” has an effect size of 0.73 (anything over 0.4 is considered to be significant) and the Towards Transformation team are exploring a variety of ways we can provide timely and effective feedback through the use of technology (iPads & apps). The use of SENTRAL as we move forward will also be a useful tool to assist teachers in providing feedback (reports, comments etc) and communicating with families

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In Prep – 2, OSeesawlivia McMahon along with Cathy Burns, who are now Seesaw ambassadors, are leading the way with Seesaw to open the classroom and share the students learning with families as it happens (or soon after!!). The team have embraced this technology and the feedback from parents has been sensational. If you haven’t signed up for Seesaw, please see your child’s teacher for more information.  This platform has been invaluable during the challenges of of offsite remote learning.


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The YearSHowbies 3 & 4 team being lead by Jeanie Stynes and Jan McLaren have been investigating the use of Showbie and the range of apps that can be used within it to create outcomes not possible a few years ago. The feedback in Showbie can be a verbal comment (the teachers can actually explain the feedback to the student) or written. We’ve seen students providing feedback to each other, too!  Again, this platform has been used extensively during the pandemic challenges.


The Years 3 & 4 students are also engaged in a range of Google Apps for Education too.

Ask your child to login via and show you what they have been doing!


Google apps


All our staff use Google Docs (a shared online platform) for their planning.  See more at:



Our staff have been heavily involved in ICT coaching over the years and are in a great position to now enhance student learning with technology. The Specialist teachers are also investigating  a variety of appropriate apps to share their work too so please keep an eye out in the newsletter for updates.


Want to know more about our BringIT2Chilwell iPad program? Click here to go to our dedicated site for this program.

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