Facilities: Buildings, Grounds & Playgrounds

Our School takes great pride in providing a high quality education for all students and it takes great pride in keeping the facilities neat, clean and well looked after. We are lucky that for 140 years, families before us have set the school up to make it what it is today. We hope that your family will contribute to this tradition and during your life as a Chilwell Primary School member, that you are able to continually improve the school as those before us did.
Any families wishing to assist in the continual improvements of our School’s facilities, please contact the office and let us know. It could be as simple as mowing the lawn, weeding the garden beds or even painting! Many hands make light work and with the work of previous families, we have a facility that is very inviting, neat and orderly! We hope to see you around the school making it an even better place!
Our development has continued even during the pandemic:
  •    Replacement of both playgrounds
  •    Continuation of classomm upgrades
  •    Ongoing maintenance

Sarah Jeffreys – Assistant Principal and Facilities Manager

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