From the Principal

Dear Families,

School Council: Last night our Council met to discuss a number of issues and discuss
reports from sub committees. The night included:

A large section of the agenda being devoted to discussions on the proposed redevelopment of the South Wing.

Planning began with discussions around the learning environment, both inside and out, that
maximised the outcomes for our children. This involved our desire for a 2 storey facility.

This process began with the allocation of $2.41. million to the project in May 2017.

Appointment of architects was completed and planning began involving students, staff, community and School Council.

  1. October 2017 Total cost: $3,166,137.00 budget overrun $756,137.00.
  2. March 2018     Total cost: $3,683,516.00 Budget overrun $1,273,516.00.
  3. July 2018   Budget Clarification indicated total cost $5,513,260.00 Budget overrun of $3,103,907.00.

Council is exploring options for a 2 storey building on our site and will keep our community

We also received reports from education, overview of the 2018 NAPLAN, Principal and a brief finance report.

Could I thank our council members for their time and advice which supports our children.

Hats: Please find a great spot for school hats for the holidays. Our return to school will see more warm weather and the need to wear the hats will be more important.

Grounds: One of the great community activities is the number of families who make use of the oval, basketball and netball courts after school and during the holidays. They are community facilities and we all love to see them being used. While you are in the school please take responsibility for looking out for anyone misusing the facilities. Please pop rubbish in the bin, remind others to take care of our wonderful facilities and remind them that our school is for the appropriate use of everyone.

Out of School Care Accounts: These accounts must be in the positive by the end of term. Failure to do so means that the service is no longer available until a positive balance is achieved.

We spend far too much time on this issue, so please help us to help the program and families by adhering to the
positive balance policy. We have far too many families who are not supporting the program in regards to accounts.

Reminders, some again! A few reminders for all regarding some “jobs” to be done.

¨ Firstly, hats need to be sent to school this week, in line with the Sunsmart policy followed by schools. Please make sure these are named.

¨  Lost property will be culled over the holiday period. Please take some time to look for lost items and reclaim them. Lost items may be found inside the door in the middle of the south wing.

¨ Assembly will be at 2.00pm on Friday with dismissal at 2.30.

¨ Crossings will not be supervised until 2.30 so take care when coming to school to attend the final assembly.

¨ Thank you to all our community for your continued support of your child(ren’s) education and our school. Your support is both of great assistance to the children and the staff at Chilwell. Enjoy the time over the holidays to spend quality time with your family. We all look forward to another great term after the holidays.

¨ I can statements: These are currently open for families to view the learnings of our students and also look at the future learning. Please take the time to celebrate your childs’ achievements and look at the future goals.

¨ From the beginning of term 4 all parents who are on camp or excursions with children will require a Working with Children’s Check undertaken successfully and present a copy of the document to the office for filing.


Chilwell Library: Our libraries are a vital link in our children and families love of reading. This love and exposure to literature is an important part of our community and education. The following link is to a survey which will supply feedback on the operation of our libraries. I encourage everyone to take the short amount of time to supply feedback and continue to improve the library service.

School Visitors: Please ensure when you are attending the school for parent helper, dropping items off during school time that you sign into School via the Ipad at the office and obtain a Lanyard . So staff are aware who should be on site and for the safety of the students.


Term 3 break: Thank you for your support of our school and our children throughout the term. It has been busy including:

¨ A spectacular concert.

¨ Sporting endeavours inn Athletics, volleyball, basketball etc.

¨ Debating.

¨ A lot of hard work.

¨ Excursions to support our teaching and learning program.

Regards, Gavan Welsh, Principal.


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