From the Principal

Dear Families,


School Council: Last night council met to discuss a number of issues including:

Reports from Finance, Out of School Care, Facilities, Building program and management.

Review of communication in the school.

Presentation of the NAPLAN overview of the school.

A survey proposal of exiting families.

Report on the planned asbestos removal.

School Council vacancies. There is one vacancy remaining. Please consider the opportunity to vacancy. The vacancy is until election time next year therefore it presents an opportu nity to see the Council work before making a long term commitment. All Councillors are happy to discuss the Council operation.


Concert: We are primed and ready to go! See everyone there tonight to be dazzled and entertained. Thank you to all families for the support with costumes, practises at home and for attending tonight. I am sure a National Tour is around the corner.


NAPLAN: The results of the National Assessments have been available to our school. Individual reports have been sent home and where necessary communication with the families has occurred.

The 2019 results are very pleasing in both Year 3 and 5. We continue gain results which are above the State level and also “Like Schools”. In many of the areas our school has achieved its highest results in 5 years!

It is also pleasing to see the results in the areas identified last year and when the students were in Year 3 have also improved.

The data provided is extensive. The school wide data is complemented by the data which is available at an cohort and individual level. This, naturally, is most important at the classroom instructional level in providing further evidence in order to plot future learning.


Asbestos Removal/Grounds:  As indicated at last week’s assembly the school will be out of bounds next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday while the remaining asbestos is removed from our school. Gates will be “locked” for the day in order to maintain a safe environment. Please ensure all students are aware and do not enter the site.

One of the great community activities is the number of families who make use of the oval, basketball and netball courts after school and during the holidays. They are community facilities and we all love to see them being used. While you are in the school please take responsibility for looking out for anyone misusing the facilities. Please pop rubbish in the bin, remind others to take care of our wonderful facilities and remind them that our school is for the appropriate use of everyone.


Out of School Care Accounts: These accounts must be finalised and in a positive position by this Friday. Council requires all accounts to remain in a positive position at all times.


Unattended children: Please be reminded the supervision of children at our school begins at 8.45 and ends at 3.45. With the weather on the improve it is apparent that children are arriving early (Some at 8am) and remaining after school unsupervised. We have a safe environment but arriving at supervised times or enrolling in Before and After school care is a much better practise.


A few reminders for all regarding some “jobs” to be done.

  • Firstly, hats need to be sent to school this week, in line with the Sunsmart policy followed by schools. Please make sure these are named.
  • Lost property will be culled over the holiday period. Please take some time to look for lost items and reclaim them. Lost items may be found inside the door to 4EH.
  • Assembly will be at 2.00pm on Friday with dismissal at 2:30. (Weather permitting).
  • Crossings will not be supervised until 2:30 so take care when coming to school to attend the final assembly.
  • Thank you to all our community for your continued support of your child(ren’s) education and our school. Your support is both of great assistance to the children and the staff at Chilwell. Enjoy the time over the holidays to spend quality time with your family. We all look forward to another great term after the holidays. We as a school, staff and students are indeed fortunate to have the support of our community, both immediate and wider. It has been another busy term but the support we give to the children never is wanting.
  • I can statements: These are currently open for families to view the learnings of our students and also look at the future learning. Please take the time to celebrate your childs’ achievements and look at the future goals.


Gavan Welsh

Principal Chilwell Primary School.




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