From the Principal

Dear  Families,

Term 3:

Well we made it!!!!! Open, closed, locked, unlocked, postponed, rescheduled, classrooms in the kitchen, half the school on site half off, Webex meetings, 2 dimensional people, and these are only some of the changes in a school setting!!!

Obviously it has continued to be a challenging time for all. We have adapted well to each change. My view is that the biggest challenge has been the uncertainty associated with the term. This has impacted on the work we all do and the routines that we have developed.

I sincerely wish to congratulate all on the adaptability, support and resilience shown. We have a great school community which is so evident the last 2 years.

Have a terrific term break. Reflect positively on your individual and collective work. I look forward to a more routine term 4.

We were fortunate to conduct our Reading initiative professional development face to face yesterday for most of our staff. The remainder of staff, who could not be accommodated at our venue, connected in by WebEx link. Thanks to Melissa (Regional presenter), Jeanie and her team for arranging the day and Matt who organised the live feed to those off site.

The day allowed us to review our reading program and introduce changes to our planning and implementation.


Term 4 Curriculum Day:

We have planned a Curriculum day for day one term 4. The day is to introduce further the Departments “Respectful Relationships” program. This is a mandated program rolled out by the Department. We have scheduled the day for the first day of term 4 so as to cause as little disruption to the term as possible (The   lockdown, by two, meant the professional development yesterday was another very unfortunate timing event!!!) As a school we are able to conduct the day via Webex (not our preference) or face to face. The day is a required training for our staff.

We look forward to welcoming back all students on day two, October 5, in term 4.



Cheryl and her assistants are offering care for the day. In order to engage staff we need numbers in by the end of this week. Please contact Cheryl on 0417 014 973 to book place (s).   Cost is $69 7:30am-6:00pm



Greg, our gardener, will be in over the holiday period along with the cleaners (cleaners will be late in the second week).

As always if you see any behaviour that is not acceptable either say something or contact the police.



Today we welcomed Molly who has joined Cathy Burn’s Prep grade. Mum, Bridget and Dad, Chris are also welcomed to our school. I am sure both our children and community will welcome our new Chilwell community family.

Our children are always very excited to welcome new students!


Again, enjoy the holiday period. Take advantage of the recent changes to the restrictions and stay safe.


Gavan Welsh

Principal Chilwell Primary School.


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