From the Principal

Dear Families,



We are all excited at school on anticipation of Friday’s entertainment extravaganza!!!!! We have the
weather booked, managers have rosters ready, food and drinks ordered and enthusiasm guaranteed. We just need your family, relatives and friends to come along and join in.

Firstly, I need to thank and acknowledge firms/parents who have left Chilwell, as their children have left for secondary education, who still support our school and its children.


Ø Brian Digby – who loaned us the fencing/ counter for the Wine Tent.

Ø Michael Smith who set up all the electrical for the Fair.

Ø Steampocket Cafe: Cam and barista.


We also need to acknowledge the fantastic job undertaken by the Managers for each stall. Thank you to

Terry Natt, Jane Miller, Georgie Patterson, Sara Baulch, Rosie Slimmon, Anna Spurling, Miranda Boddington, Penny Whitehead, Yoko Dunlop, Heather Alexander, Cate Paton, Cindy O’Brien, Richard Troeth,  Rebecca Bain & Jane Muhor




The list of people to thank is enormous but at the risk of forgetting someone could I thank the following:

–      Stall managers and rostered parents.

–       Jason McLaren who led the group as Fair Manager

–       Volunteers who will assist with the set up on Thursday and Friday and to the group who will give up part of Saturday to re-establish our school.

–       Sponsors who so generously supported our endeavours.

–       Amy and Clare for their efforts with sponsors.

–       Kirsty who acted as the go to for stalls.

–       Shaun and Simon who took on the wine tent.

– Anna Spurling for Social Media

–       Auction organiser, Kelly J who organised a most successful Auction. Thank you to the firms who kindly donated goods.

–       Jodie Bliss Real Estate – our Major Sponsor

–       Suzie Veitch & Victoria Barton for their work in entertainment.

–   Harvey’s of Highton for the fruit and vegetable donations

–       The children and staff who were so flexible and adaptable.

–       The numerous businesses who supplied donations.

–       Our office staff who supported all aspects.

–       Cheryl & the OSHC team for organising the relocation of Out of School Hours program.


Out of School Hours Care:
As we are approaching the end of term it is time to make sure that all accounts are back to zero. This zero or positive balance is a requirement for using the service. Could I also thank those families who have
continued to have their balances in the positive, this is our preference and it is pleasing to see so many in the positive.


Changes in family details

Please keep us up to date with any changes to the details which we hold. Contact details and emergency contacts are vital when we need to contact families about injuries or illnesses. If we cannot contact you or friends/relatives this causes distress to our children. Skoolbag app can be used to communicate these changes for phone numbers, emergency contacts or email addresses.


The school policy is to continue the wearing of the school hats until the end of April. This is in line with
Anti-Cancer guidelines. The potential for damage to skin etc. continues until this time. Please pack the hats in bags ready for the first day of term 2 asap.


School Council

Last night the 2018 Council met for the first time. We welcomed a new councilors to the meeting.
Welcome to who attended his first meeting, especially 2 new members, Barb Cronin and Mylea Adams.


Office-bearers for 2018:

President           Phil Joyce

Vice President   Barb Cronin.

Treasurer           Alastair Mulroyan

Secretary.          Peter Atanasovski


Items discussed or presented included:

  • Financial report.
  • Facilities report.
  • Report on the council elections.
  • Council sub-committee roles and membership.
  • Out of school hours care.
  • Presentation of the Annual General Meeting Report (copies available in the office foyer).
  • Discussion around the 2 community vacancies.
  • Update on the Fair organisation.
  • Update on the building Program.


Gavan Welsh




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