From the Principal

Dear Families,


Report Writing Day:  Please note that the School Council has ratified a pupil free day for November 23rd. We will be offering child care for the day IF the interested numbers are above 16. Please contact Cheryl on 0417 014 973 to book your child/ children in ASAP.  Cost will be $40 however be aware this will not attract Commonwealth funding.


School Assembly: Matt and the school leaders did a great job with our first live streamed assembly last Thursday. As with all new adventures we will refine and get better. The leaders were terrific at our post assembly reflection and discussion on how we can get better.


 Chilwell Annex: Our spoon village continues to grow with more enrolments and additions. I am sure once the Melbourne barrier is removed that our annex will receive a lot of enquiries about joining. If you have not placed a spoon person and would like to  join in please feel free to place a “person” into the annex.


Stranger Danger: Schools have a system of notifying each other of issues which may affect our children. The stranger danger issue is one of these. At school we are reminding our children to keep in tune with their feelings and if they feel unsafe or a stranger suggests something that makes them feel unsafe they are to take themselves out of the situation. We live in a great  country and community but at the same time must arm our children with strategies which help them in the social settings they may find themselves.

We talk about stranger danger in a non-alarming way at school. Our hope is that this is  also discussed at home to reinforce our message but also assist when children are not at school.


Anaphylaxis: Chilwell Primary School has a large number of children who have a reaction to   certain foods, especially nut products. We have children who are affected to varying  degrees and in some cases it is life threatening! The exposure to nut products, even small quantities, could result in tragic consequences. Our school has developed comprehensive procedures to draw attention to this issue and also reacted if an incident occurs,  HOWEVER families are asked to support this by not sending nut products to school for snacks or lunch. With such a large  number of students in the school your support is very much appreciated in ensuring the welfare of these children.


Camp: Our excited campers in years 4, 5 and 6 are getting ready. A note with reminders is on the way but one request is not negotiable: if your child is ill with flu symptoms they are not to attend the camp until a clearance is given. The result of a COVID test is around 24 hours so once cleared children can join in the camp. Sending a child who does present with symptoms jeopardises the camp for all the students.


Gavan Welsh

Principal Chilwell Primary School.


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