From the Principal

Dear Families

Art Show: Get ready for an extravaganza of artist talent on display in our neighbourhood. Forget about the Archibald Prize, if you want to see talent get along to the Chilwell Art Show!!

When: Our children are scheduled to walk down to The Mill Warehouse, Rutland Street, Newtown during Thursday and Friday this week.

The show is open to our community on Saturday (11 – 3 )and Sunday ( 12 – 3 ).

The opportunity for our children to display their visual artist talents comes around every two years so this is not to be missed.


Emailing Staff: Some staff have shared their email addresses with families. This is purely an individual decision. However please respect that this is to be used during school hours, not after hours or weekends unless discussed with the teacher. We all need to have family or “own” time during these times.


Communication: We try very hard to communicate with families and set up conduits for this to be a two way set up. We have the following:

  1. Weekly newsletters on line via Skoolbag App, Sentral and our homepage.
  2. Skoolbag app for reporting absences and short timeline communication.
  3. Each area of our school has a platform to share children’s work. Prep-3: Seesaw, 3/4: Showbie, 5/6 use Google and Showbie.
  4. “I CAN” statements: are how teachers show each child’s progress through the Victorian Curriculum. These are “open” for families to view one week before and after each term break.
  5. Diaries: These are used in a variety of ways depending on the year level and teacher needs.


Meg Wardlaw Session: Another opportunity for our community to come together. This time to learn how to assist our children in the area of Resilience. Resilience is one of our “You can do it” values. The development of resilience is most important not only now but it is a lifelong attribute!

Meg is a very well respected psychologist, with a wealth of experiences and knowledge to share.

Session with years 3/4:

Parent information session: Thursday Oct 26, 3.45 at Chilwell


Geelong Cup: The Department supports each local council allocating a public holiday. Sometimes it is the local show or another event. Geelong local holiday is for the Geelong Cup. This is scheduled for next Wednesday. On this day the school will be closed and all staff off site. No child care will be available as has been the case every year. Enjoy the day with our children.


Term 4: It is another very busy term with camps, bike education, art show, parent professional development, transition etc etc. please keep an eye out for dates and activities via the communication avenues mentioned above.


Gavan Welsh, Principal


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