From the Principal

Dear Families

Families / students leaving our school: If your family is going to leave our school  before the start of 2017 we would appreciate you corresponding this to us ASAP. This will assist our planning for school and class structure next year. With this knowledge we are able to offer places as well as organise our structure.

Debating: Last week, along with a large number of parents and followers, I witnessed 2 great debates. Our teams put in a terrific showing in both debates , coming home with one win and a close defeat. The topic, ” text books are obsolete ” was hotly debated with both positive arguments winning out. Thank you debaters, parents, Rosie O’Donnell and Jason Cole.

I would encourage everyone to join us for the next debate. You will not be disappointed!!!

Trivia Night: The night was a highly successful community event as well as a fundraiser. Council will discuss and debrief on the night at its next meeting. The profit on the night currently is $12770. We plan to use the money to support the new building Program which will begin in 2018.

Again thank you to the organisers for a great evening. Dale Rippon also donated time to develop spread sheets etc.

Assembly: Unfortunately last Friday’s assembly was not held outside. Some weeks we need to make a decision to either

* cancel the assembly,

* hold the assembly in the Multi Purpose Room,

* hold the assembly notices over the PA.

It is a shame when we cannot get together outside for our assembly but Winter does influence us!!!

Specialists: Chilwell is fortunate to have a number of skilled Specialist teachers who weekly challenge and engage our students in their teaching area. In 2017 we have:

*Visual Arts supplied by Deb Fisher. Keep tuned for the details of our upcoming Art Show.

*Physical Education taken by Peter Blackall. Peter organises all our out of school competitions throughout the year.

*Information Technology delivered by Scott McCumber. This area supports work undertaken in all classes. Our students technological knowledge is very high.

* Reading recovery which is a support by Rosie Clifton in areas of English in year 1.

* Science is a new program for 2017. Matt Limb has been developing our future scientists.

* Italian which is an interactive program taken by our enthusiastic Grace Larobina.

* Rohan Perrott undertakes support for years 1 and 2 in the areas of Numeracy and Literacy.

* Rosie Clifton and Sue Nouwen provide Catch up Literacy and Numeracy throughout the school.

Concert: We are deep into rehearsals for the big night. Both Kai and Howard are teaching, practising and coaching all grades on their items. Both the children and staff are continuing the practising at other times. As always the children’s enthusiasm has been at a very high standard

Water Supply/ Traffic: We, along with our neighbours, have been notified of water pipe works being undertaken in streets around our school starting September 25th.This will cause significant traffic challenges for our neighbours and parents. As the weather is starting to become warmer please consider your children walking to school or parking the car a few blocks away. The works are to replace ageing pipes which have served their used by date.

National Cross Country: Congratulations to Hugh who competed in the National Cross Country event in Tasmania on the weekend. Hugh came 15th out of 50 competitors. What a fantastic effort! Hugh was also part of the relay team for his age group and placed third. Hugh’s family would like to thank all the families at Chilwell PS for their support.


Gavan Welsh, Principal


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