From the Principal

Dear Families,


Stranger Danger: Schools have a system of notifying each other of issues which may
affect our children. The stranger danger issue is one of these. At school we are reminding our children to keep in tune with their feelings and if they feel unsafe or a stranger suggests
something that makes them feel unsafe they are to take themselves out of the situation. We live in a great country and community but at the same time must arm our children with strategies which help them in the social settings they may find themselves.

We talk about stranger danger in a non-alarming way at school. Our hope is that this is also discussed at home to reinforce our message but also assist when children are not at school.


Year 4 Camp: The weather has been booked and the enthusiasm is growing. Our year 4 students take off to Lady Northcote camp next Monday. We wish them well and look forward to the many stories and adventures that come out of the camp.


Thank You:

Thank you to Ian Royce and Phil Joyce who made themselves available after assembly last week to discuss our exciting South Wing Development. The development will certainly position our school to cater for our current students and those to follow.

Crossing Supervisors: If you use the crossing around our school please take a second to thank our supervisors who do a great job in getting our children to and from school safely. The precinct we live in is busy and their job is vital.


Transition: We were all excited to have our first 2019 Prep Transition day yesterday. It is a very exciting day for the children, both the new Preps and those at Chilwell who will step up to the ‘higher” year level next year. Parents were terrific even though no doubt there were mixed feelings about their child “growing up” and going to school. Thank you to Cathy and Sarah who conducted the sessions and guided our new students through the excitement of the day.


Planning: This time of the year we begin the planning for 2019! This involves staffing, grade placements, end of year reflections and what messages and learning 2018 operations has for 2019.

The building program planned for 2019 will impact on the school, staff and children. Accommodation/decanting of some grades in order to develop the South wing is going to present some challenges. The types of issues have been successfully addressed when we built the 2 storey building on the North part of the site and again when we remodelled the internals of the Heritage building. We will continue to focus on our students, their welfare and learning.


Parent Survey: Class sizes- This was bought up as an issue. Our policy has been to have a 1 teacher to 21 students in Years P-2. Where the classes are over this number we have placed
another staff member at a time fraction to arrive at the 1:21 ratio. The Years 3-6 do not work on a 1:21 ratio but if a class goes over 30 then we look at arrangements to support the year level. In the past this has been support of another staff member.

We are dictated by our budget, rooms and the availability of staff to undertake the roles. The
optimum size has always been a debate in education, in many cases it will also depend on the teacher and the students that are in the year level. Please be assured that we are not happy with any class with “large” numbers but in some way this is due to the high reputation that this
community deserves and the fact that families choose to send their children to Chilwell.

Anaphylaxis: Chilwell Primary School has a large number of children who have a reaction to certain foods, especially nut products. We have 9 children who are affected to varying degrees and in some cases it is life threatening!  The exposure to nut products, even small quantities, could result in tragic consequences.  Our school has developed comprehensive procedures to draw attention to this issue and also reacted if an incident occurs, HOWEVER families are asked to support this by not sending nut products to school for snacks or lunch. With such a large
number of students in the school your support is very much appreciated in ensuring the welfare of these children.  (We do not have a Nut Free policy as we depend on too many families
adhering to it).


Lost Property: It is the time of the year when the weather changes sometimes by the hour. This also sees jumpers on and off regularly. Being children this can result in lost items. Help all by checking that all jumpers are clearly marked so we are able to return them to the owner.
Writing names in pen only lasts until after the next wash so please use a permanent marker.

Open Day—Melbourne Cup Day: Looking forward to seeing everyone at the open day. A great opportunity for student to share their learnings.




Gavan Welsh, Principal


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