From the Principal

Dear Families,


Thank You afternoon tea: Reminder that our “thank you” afternoon tea is set down for 3pm tomorrow in the Library. We would love the opportunity to thank all parents and relatives who have assisted in our school throughout the year at this time.

Graduation:  Tonight we celebrate 7 Years of Primary Education with our 2017 year 6 Graduation. This is also an event where we thank both children and families for their contribution to our school. The children and staff have been preparing for tonight’s dinner and entertainment for some time so I am looking forward to the proceedings.

Lost Property:  We have a large amount of lost property crying out for an owner!  Please have a look at the shelves in the South Wing (near the middle door) and claim your items.

Holidays: Over the holiday period we encourage as many of our families as possible to utilise the grounds. Please be vigilant if you see any misuse of the facilities. If you are uncomfortable reminding people of the correct manner in which to use our grounds are to be used please ring the police who will assist.

Moving:  We need to conduct a few moves between now and the end of the year so the corridors may look a bit messier than normal.

Christmas: Once again the end of the school year has “snuck” up on us!  It has been an extremely busy year for parents, students and staff. Later in this newsletter I am thanking some individuals for their work throughout the year, however, could I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all our families for the wonderful support which our community freely gives.

A real strength of this school is the amount of time and effort we all put into the children and their
development. We have a great group of children who are active learners and are well on the way to being constructive and positive influences on our community. This is not easy and requires all to
provide support and a nurturing environment in which each child can reach their potential. Thank you to Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Relatives, friends and all who have supported this journey.

First day 2018: The first day for our classes is Tuesday, January 30. All classes will start together, even our 2018 Prep classes, so it will be a most exciting morning!!

For our returning students we will try to make the beginning of the day as normal as possible. 8.55 first bell will go which is the signal to take bags into classrooms. The 9 o’clock bell will signal the start of the day.


Holiday Program: Team Holiday will once again be operating a program from our school over the holidays. The program will operate from Monday Jan 8 to Jan 25. Further details are in the


Thank You.

Thank you to the many volunteers who contribute to the operation of our school.


  • A special thank you to our school crossing supervisor Wendy Brough who greets our parents and children each day.
  • Thank you to Jai for his attention to detail in maintaining our school grounds and buildings.
  • Thank you to all our Out Of School Hours Care staff, especially our Co-ordinator, Cheryl.
  • Student Banking – Amanda Vague
  • Uniforms – Jodie Bliss
  • ​Team of Headlice checkers led by Michelle Rixon
  • A huge thank you to Sara and Helen for the work they do in operating a very busy
    administration area.

Farewells. Could I acknowledge the following families who are leaving Chilwell and wish them all the best for the future.   I am sure the memories of Chilwell are fond.​  Thank you to :


Armstrong Blackall Bliss Butcher
Budge Cole Collins Dennis
Di Sciascio Fisher Furphy Jacobson
Kanellos Line Neal Nobes
Phung Russell Sadaghinad Schmidt
Soo Stynes Walker






Reports: Reports were available via SENTRAL on Friday, using your individual username and
password. Thank you to staff for the time and effort put into the reports. The reports reflect a great year once again at our school.


Grade Placements: The grade placements require an enormous amount of work in placing children into grades. Some of the considerations are:

  • “Equal” division of male and female.
  • Academic.
  • Children’s friendship groups.
  • Behaviour (Grades are set on inside behaviour issues which might interfere with the learning not on outside considerations)
  • 2 classes at each year level except Year 1, 2 and 4 who have 3 classes.
  • Thoughts of parents.


Today all students had a session in their new classes with their 2018 teacher. All have a class list for their particular year level.


Classes for 2018:  As has been the case for some years the school will have a class which has a shared class arrangement. In 2018 a year 4 class will have Mrs Louisa Blamires and Mrs Carly Eddy. These 2 have shared a grade this year at the year 1 level most successfully. The benefits are that the 2 staff are highly knowledgeable and communicate very effectively, thus making the changeover between teacher seamless and each brings different strengths to the class. This enables a very effective classroom program as has been the case this year.


Out of School Hours Care: Please click on the link provided to help us ensure that our ‘Outside School Hours Care’ program cates for the needs of our community. The link will take you to a survey that shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete. Your input is highly valued and we appreciate your time in this process.


Final Assembly: Please join us at our final 2017 assembly on Friday beginning at 2 pm with dismissal at 2.30. This is also an opportunity to farewell our year 6 students and some families.



Gavan Welsh,



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