From the Principal

Dear families,

Welcome Back:  We have had a great start to the term. All have settled back into the classes and are enjoying being back with friends. Today’s weather is a taste of the Winter months which lay ahead. As always the school operates wet day timetables when it is too wet to have students outside. Classes are supervised during this time and engage in more free choice activities. The break is not as beneficial as time outside but we adapt.


Hats:  The cancer council and Department encourage the wearing of hats until the end of April therefore students need a hat until the end of next week. After which the challenge for all, including myself, is to store the hat in a spot ready for the return of usage in term 4!!!


Dates:  The calendar at the start of the newsletter gives the dates, as best we know, for the remainder of the term and beyond. Many of these dates still need School Council ratification but will give families an indication of dates.

Obviously the planning will be dictated by where we are with the COVID situation. We are all becoming very accepting of changes to our routines and plans.

We are in the planning of how a  get together later in the year would look. This will be a “replacement’ for the Fair but will give our community another opportunity of getting together.


Tutoring:  To address student learning needs and the impact of COVID, the Victorian Government launched a $250 million initiative for tutoring support in schools. The funding allocated to our school is to be utilised to provide tutoring support to students identified as been impacted in their learning as a result of COVID. This is a great opportunity for us to provide additional support to your child to target their learning needs and improve their learning outcomes in Reading and Numeracy (Place Value).

The support has been in place at Chilwell since term 4 last year and will continue for some time this year. The tutor will work with various year levels progressively until all year levels are supported. The tutor takes students in small group situation working on specific areas of need identified by our assessments and teacher input.

This also is of benefit to the remainder of the classes of that year level with lower student numbers and again a more focussed program.


ANZAC Day:  Many commemoration ceremonies have been cancelled or modified for 2021. At Chilwell we will be holding our commemoration next Monday at 2.30 in our assembly area. If weather interferes we will move to the Multi-Purpose room (This does make accommodation tight so please understand the constraint).

Thank you to our year 6 staff and students who do a great job of presenting a fitting “thank you” to our service personnel


Welcome:  4LH will welcome Laura Stephenson who will be sharing the grade responsibility with Lisa. Lisa will work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Laura taking over on Thursday and Friday (Parents in the class were informed last term of the change). Laura has worked in the school and class before so the transition will be very seamless.


Gavan Welsh


Chilwell Primary School.


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