From the Principal

Dear  Families,


Well done to all in our community for the way we have adapted to the new guidelines of how our school operates. We are fortunate to be gaining more and more “normality” week by week. The children have also reflected the calm and supportive way we have dealt with these changes. Thank you again for supporting the mask wearing and minimising the adult numbers in our yard, hopefully changes in these areas is not too far away.



Thanks to all staff for their time in putting together these documents. They reflect students who have given 100% to their learning. It also reflects very well on both staff and families for the support, encouragement and guidance that has been given to the children.

Please praise their effort but at the same time encourage them to set goals and continue to give their best to all challenges.


Parent Teacher Interviews:

Today Sentral has been opened for families to book times for Wednesday June 23. Staff have “blocked” some times for lunch, dinner and breaks. A few reminders:

  • Time constraints does not allow for families to have 2 interview times during next week.
  • Please be on time. Obviously this impacts on the running of interviews and is respectful of others. All interviews are for 15 minutes.
  • Students are to attend with parent(s). They are part of the learning and goal setting discussed.
  • If parent(s) wish to have some time with the teacher alone please indicate this at the start of the meeting. We can allow 5 minutes at the end if needed.
  • Reports go home on Monday in time for families to look over and formulate questions for the interviews. Please be reminded that the i-can statements will give more detail to the learning and future learning in English and Mathematics.


QR coding:

Just a reminder to QR code in at the various spots around the school. Staff are also required to “sign in’ each day as well.


Lost property:

There are an enormous amount of clothing which is currently ’living” in the cupboard in the South Wing of the school. Please if you have lost a jumper etc have a look though the cupboard. If it is named we are usually able to return items, if not named it makes it very difficult.

Names also need to be placed on lunch boxes, drink containers etc as they also are ‘forgotten’ in the excitement of recess and lunch play.


Thank You:

This week I want to thank the canteen volunteers who assist on  a Friday with lunch orders. The children certainly enjoy having a lunch order but without parent helpers this is not possible. It does take around 45 minutes but we all benefit from the work of these parents.


Child Care on Wednesday June 23:

Please contact Cheryl if this is needed on the day. If you are having an interview during the day and your child (ren) are in care you pick them up from the multipurpose room for the interview and return them after if required. Thanks to Cheryl and the team for making this service available.


Gavan Welsh

Principal Chilwell Primary School.


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