From the Principal

 Dear Families,

This week: We continue to operate as we have for the past 5 weeks. Again we need to congratulate everyone for their work and commitment to our community. We are all aware that the issues of “coming off” remote learning, I pad usage, getting into the school and home routine etc will be a challenge. We will be sensitive to the social changes that we are asking our children to deal with. As always some will deal with the changes easily others will need our support.



Monday: Curriculum Day

No care offered for the day

No off site work will be posted so children can rest and refresh ready for the return to school for Prep to Year 2 and take some deep breathes ready to continue off site learning in Years 3-6.


Tuesday: Prep, Years 1 and 2 return to school

Arrangements: The State Government has set some strict guidelines for our return to school. These are in place to keep our staff, families and students safe. They will be difficult to implement and we will all be asked to be flexible and accepting of the changes in our organisation.


The following is how we will operate for Tuesday and until the 3-6 classes join us at school. We will plan for the returning of the older students and inform our community later.


Drop off and pick up arrangements

Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students. Return date Tuesday May 26.

Gates will be opened by staff at the appointed times

Preps enter via double gates in Huntingdon Street at 9.05

Year 1 will enter via The gate next to the Junior School playground at 8.55. ( Huntingdon St.)

Year 2 will enter via the gate in Fairview Street at 8.55.



Arrangements after arrival:

Recess and lunchtimes: These will be staggered in order to diminish the numbers in the playground.

Cleaning: Extra time has been added to the evening clean to include all seats, door handles, playground etc.

A cleaner will be on site for 4 hours during the day to again clean tables, door handles, playgrounds, etc. Cleaning will be using the same disinfectant we have always used.

All staff will be on site. Teachers in years 3-6 will be providing off site programs to their students.

Social distancing will be practiced in rooms and outside. (Please understand the difficulty we will experience given the room sizes and we are working with young children)

Sharing of materials such as pencils, scissors, ipads will not be possible.

There will be no after school play on the playground. Our grounds will remain closed.

Before and after school care will operate as normal.

There will be no canteen lunch orders for Friday.

What to bring:

  1. We are requesting 2 named drink bottles. One for inside, one for outside.
  2. All materials taken home for offsite learning should return.


Some children will be apprehensive about returning to school while some will be so excited. Please talk to your child/children about the changes that they are going to be faced with. All will be good but even not having Mum or Dad coming into the school grounds will be a challenge. We will look after them once they are with us, rest assured we are looking forward to

having our school back together even if under different circumstances



School Council: Monday night’s Council meeting was held via a WebEx link.

Thank you to all Council members for their flexibility.

We welcomed Liam Clarke, our year 1 teacher, onto Council for his first meeting.

Topics discussed.

  1. Reports from Finance, Education, Management, Out is School Care and Facilities.
  2. Facilities: Installation of synthetic grass around the oval boundary, resurfacing of the courts, progress on the solar installations and joinery in classrooms.Policy development and ratification.
  1. Education Report on the program for on site and off site students.
  2. Staffing issues: news on this front will be given out soon.
  3. Return to school plans.
  4. Council training available.


Continue to look after yourself and your families. The return to school is a most welcomed change in our community but the return has and will bring about changes and challenges for all.


Gavan Welsh

Principal Chilwell Primary School.


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