From the Principal

Dear Families,


Camp: Big thank you to the staff and  parents Meg Gilby, Peter Stephens, Rob Hamilton and
student teacherEbony Cain who gave up their time to allow our children to have the experience at Sovereign Hill. These people gave up home comforts, families and time to allow our children to experience the camp.

It is surprising and disappointing to hear how few thank you’s have been given. If you see any of these adults please take the 10 seconds to say thank you. I doubt that any student did not enjoy and learn from the experience. Reports back from camp constantly reinforced our students engagement and behaviour. I will make sure I thank them on our behalf. 

Building Report:  We met with the project manager, architects, representatives from the Department and Lyons builders last week. As reported demolition has begun, security and electrical issues
corrected and asbestos cleared from the bottom classrooms. We are pricing/planning to install exit doors from all classrooms to facilitate movement and maximise classroom space, install air locks on exits, install air conditioners and a decking to facilitate the exiting from the classrooms facing Fairview street.

Late to school:  As the weather turns colder we find more children arriving late to school. This can be upsetting for your child but also disrupts the children in the class who have started work. Like all families I understand the pressure that the morning can present , however time management and being on time are two skills all need to develop.

School Council: Last night our Council met to discuss a range of issues, these included:

  • Progress on the development of the South Wing of our school. A plan of the development with suggested improvements is on the display board near the foyer. Take some time to have a look.
  • Correspondence tabled and discussed.
  • Reports on Finance, Principal, Curriculum, Fundraising (Fair) and Facilities. We also “appointed” conveyors for each of our sub committees for 2019.
  • Council have accepted a Code of Conduct to guide our operation.
  • Ratified upcoming Curriculum days for the year.
  • Ratified the 2019 budget. This is always “delayed” by the need to reflect the revenue, based on enrolments, into figures.

Council is there as another conduit into the school and your child’s time at our school.


NAPLAN: These National assessments started today. Thanks to the staff and families who have
prepared our children for the assessments. These form part of  our assessments of students. We
expect the children to give 100%, which they will.

What can families do to assist???

  1. Make sure all students get a good nights sleep.
  2. Reassure our students that their best is what we aim for. Stress will never allow anyone to       perform at their best.
  3. Have children at school early so there is no rushing into class time or interruptions to other   children. Breakfast is very important!

We have Friday as a catch up day for any children that are ill on any of the days where the assessments occur. Sick children do not perform at their best!

Professional Development: In order to maximise the teaching and learning in our school we need to be up to date on initiatives and teaching methods/programs. We undertake learning walks ( teachers visit other classes in the schools), coaching and on Wednesday we share professional
development internally. Externally, teachers attend Professional Development provided outside the school. This learning is feed back to all staff at the next staff meeting. This does result in the class having a “new teacher” for the day. We endeavour to use the same teacher in the class where
possible to maintain continuity for the children and the school.

Election BBQ: Opportunities come along very rarely. This comes around approximately every 4 years.

Fundraising BBQ at Chilwell PS!!!!

Chilwell has been selected to be a Polling Booth next Saturday. This will mean thousands of voters will be at our school.

A BBQ is an opportunity to raise funds for our school.

We have BBQs, gas bottles and I can purchase the ingredients. We only need an organiser to
coordinate the roster!

Times: 10am-3pm. In one hour shifts. 2-3 parents per hour = 15 volunteers (this is in a school of 280 families. If you can help on the day please contact the office. Thank you to Terry Natt who has
volunteered as coordinator.


Gavan Welsh,



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