From the Principal

Dear Families

Out of School Care: The staff in the program do a great job of supporting families who need this service. The program is of a high quality due to the hard work from the staff. Too much time is spent in chasing accounts instead of planning and working with the children in the program. All families who use the program can help by keeping all accounts in the positive! Accounts are still issued so families can track their usage and monies held. This would allow Cheryl to concentrate on our children and the program.

Report Writing Day:   A reminder to all families that our report writing day has been designated for November 20 ( Monday). We always try to have any Pupil Free day on a Monday or Friday to assist families.  Staff will be working on the assessments and notes contributing to the children’s final report for 2017.

Children are not required to be at school.

Any family who requires child care for the day needs to contact Cheryl or our office asap to book in. Please be aware that the before and after school care service will be provided with CCB support. The day program does not have CCB support.

Parent Survey:  An issue that was raised was around anaphylaxis and the policy the school follows. We are not a nut free area. This is in line with both the Departments policy and recommendations from others such as the Royal Children’s Hospital. This is due to the fact that we cannot guarantee that nut products or residue has not come into the school.

Our policy is to ask/request families do not send these products to school as we have children who are seriously affected by coming into contact with these items. We also discourage the sharing of food (Again this is impossible to guarantee)

We currently have 12 students who are affected by nut products/dairy products.

All staff undergo training to identify and deal with a child who is affected.

Our community needs to assist us in keeping the children safe. BUT a nut free school is not a guarantee.

Parent Input into classes for 2018: Thank you to the families who have written to me pointing out some Educational issues we need to consider for 2018. A few parents requested placement of children with friends. All children have input with who they would like to be with via a class based process.

Overarching all request is the information that staff bring to the process regarding good fits for a working classroom.

Building Fund: Last week’s finance meeting discussed the 2018 Building Program and how we, as a School community, can contribute to the new facility. With School Council approval we are suggesting that we pinpoint the Building Fund donations as a means of building the best facility possible. The 2.4 million dollars will go a long way to providing the building however there are other costs not included. These include:

*Provision of air conditioning.

*The re establishment of the art room. This may involve moving art to the room currently used by Peter Dearnley’s class this year.

 Congratulations to our Cricketers: Once again our children have given 100% effort at the Division Cricket Lightning Premiership Cricket competition. A more comprehensive report is in our newsletter but both teams have won through to the next level of the competition. Congratulations to all our players and coaches Mylea Adams and Tom Burke.

Who said the Ashes was the most prestigious cricket competition!!!


Gavan Welsh, Principal




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