From the Principal

Dear Families,


Absences: We keep a watch on absences at Chilwell. We all know that continuous attendance leads to better learning outcomes. If attendance is an issue please contact your child’s teacher to discuss how we can help or simply make us aware of the reasons for absences. Skoolbag is a convenient method of contacting both teacher and school of your child’s absence.


Medical issues: Our first aide staff do a great job in assisting our children when they present ill or injured. The practice has been:

  1. Minor issues in the yard are dealt with by yard duty teachers. This may require a band aid etc.
  2. Other injuries are referred to the sick bay and a first aid trained staff member. If it is a knock to the head or major injury parents are notified by phone.

Changes: We are trailling the use of SMS to contact parents. Please be assured that the SMS will be for minor issues and we will continue to contact parents by phone if  any major injury occurs. Parents will be notified when we implement this


SMS SENT When a student has attended sick bay for a minor issue and can return to class, we will send a courtesy SMS to the primary carer. There is no need to ring the school.
PHONE CALL For any serious issue in which a student is not able to return to class we will continue to contact parents via a phone call. Please note: this includes all head bumps.



Working with Children’s Checks: From the beginning of term 4 all parents who are on camp or excursions with children will require to have the check undertaken successfully and present a copy of the document to the office for filing.

The process is simple and takes little time for the documentation to be returned.


Reading Assistance: Each day we spend either 10 minutes (Prep-4) or 15 minutes (years 5 and 6) reading. At that time it would be great to have parent help to simple listen to a student read. We have a lot of parents dropping children off at school so why not stay for a bit of time to listen to one of our adorable children read to you.

If you can just come in and see a teacher and sit down with a child and share a book.

( Some grades on some days will have Specialist classes but all other days we would appreciate your help and I guarantee our children will benefit from your time!!! )

Regards, Gavan Welsh, Principal.


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