From the Principal



Dear Families,

 School Athletics: Today’s athletics event was a great success thanks to Peter’s organisation and the competitors 100% effort and support for their team. The enthusiasm was terrific to
witness. Thanks also to the parents who marshalled, made soup, drinks and supported the
children. I know the children really appreciate the support they receive from parents, extended families and parents.

 Curriculum Day: Next Thursday we are fortunate to have Deb Sukarna presenting to our staff. Deb is working with our staff to further improve our writing program. This will add to the 7 Steps and 6+1 programs that guide our writing.

Life Education: The Life Education van is due to make its 2018 visit on June 21 to 26.

The program supports our You Can Do It Program and the work of our staff, parents and
Chaplain to develop our children in their choices, development and health. Notes will follow to inform families further.

Prep Information and Tours: Last night we had a most successful and well attended
Information night. We were entertained by the School band, thanks Rohan, informed by
speakers, Zali and Archie ( School leaders), Sarah and Cathy( Prep teachers) and Louisa
( Numeracy leader). We also had Abbey, student teacher, who all gave up time to speak. Tours of our school in action were today at 9.30 and again Thursday this week at 2.30.

Enrolments for 2019 will follow. The quicker families make their decision regarding their preferred school the quicker we are able to plan for 2019 and then get back to making 2018 the best most productive year we can.

Prep 2019:    If you have a child starting in Prep next year with us, please let us know!

You can click on the link attached. Please fill in your details and then collect an enrolment form from the office to completed.

Parent and Family details: Please keep us abreast of any changes to your details as soon as you can. This assists in communication lines and getting in touch if an emergency arises. Phone numbers and emergency contacts are vital and need to be kept up to date.

Trivia Night: It’s on again so hit the books from now on, get a table of friends who bring various knowledge to the table, but most importantly make sure your table is ready to have some fun. The venue is great, food excellent and the atmosphere is one of enjoyment so make sure you and your friends are there! Last years event is going to be hard to beat but I am sure our organisers are going to give it 100% to do so.

NAPLAN: Thank you and congratulations to families and especially our students. The children always give 100% to whatever is presented. The assessments are in a format which is unfamiliar to our children’s day to day learning so the ability to adapt yet give 100% is great learning.



Gavan Welsh,



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