From the Principal

Dear Families,


Please excuse the change of tense in the newsletter as all items were ready to go on Tuesday and, as reported, the school was without internet for the past 3 days. Thank you for your understanding.


Asbestos Removal: This weekend the last pieces of asbestos will be removed from our school. In order for this to happen we will need to once again close the school. This applies to all the school site.

Apologies for any inconvenience but your safety is paramount.

Both Kelly Mini Sports and Sports Star Academy (soccer) have been notified of the need to cancel sessions. We have also undertaken a letterbox drop to our neighbours.


Skoolbag App: This is an app easily loaded onto your phone which we use for quick contact with families. We have used it in a number of circumstances eg. Bus arrivals after camps and excursions and invitations to events.

In order to stay up with this information parents must download the app and change your child’s grade level each year.

If we are sending information out re: a year 4 issue we only send the notification to those who the app identifies as having a child in year 4, no one else!!!


Debating: Our debaters are in the final of the competition this Wednesday after school. We are sure that they will represent us, as always, in a positive and respectful manner. If you have the time and wish to see students exhibiting the way our students represent us please join us at Grammar at 5 pm. Further details at the office.


Connection: Unfortunately over the past 2 days we have not had internet access. This has effected our newsletter and communication. It has been an interesting time to go back a few years when internet connection was not in schools. Work and learning continued but it was interesting to observe the difference it makes.

Like most things we do not know our dependence on anything until it is not there!!!


Building: progress continues, mostly inside the building, but works includes:

Completion of the 2 air locks.

Building the brick wall on the South footpath. The fence will be reinstated then.

Windows will be installed.

Painting has begun.

The decking on the South side is beginning to take shape. A lot of work is being undertaken in the brick base.

Joinery has started to be installed.

Completion date and handover is due to be December 20, our last day of 2019. Naturally this will present some difficulties with timing of the setting up of classrooms for a start next year.


Fair 2020: Yes we have started the preparation for the 2020 Fair. All is good at the moment however one aspect which we like to get moving now is the area of sponsorship. The role entails:

Contacting previous sponsors to see if they are happy to continue to sponsor the Fair.

Review the sponsorship brochure in conjunction with School Council.

Source any new sponsors.

Hopefully the role concludes by the end of the year.

If you are interested or willing to take on this role please contact myself to discuss. Our previous leader in this area is also a great resource.


Grade Placements: Thank you to those families who provided educational input into placement of children next year. The job of placing children and staff into rooms and year levels is a complex undertaking due to the academic and social issues which need to be accounted for. We endeavour to both present changes and stability in our structure.


Ball Games: Good luck to our students participating in the District Ball Games Day at Herne Hill Primary School this Friday.


Gavan Welsh

Principal Chilwell Primary School.


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