From the Principal

Dear Families


End of Term: Another great term which has flown. A few highlights may demonstrate how busy we are!!!

¨ Introduction of the 2018 school starters.

¨ Both Junior and Senior Athletic days.

¨ NAPLAN assessments in years 3 and 5.

¨ Lightning Premierships and in many cases progressing to the next rounds.

¨ Cross country.

¨ Concert practice has just begun.

¨ Grandparents day in the Preps.

¨ Various excursions and visitors.

¨ Announcement of capital works funding for development of the South Wing.

¨ 100 days of schooling for our Preps.

¨ Expos of finished works from many classes shared with parents, relatives and other students.

¨ Debating off and running.

¨ Attitudes to School Survey in years 4,5 and 6.

¨ Plain English speaking competition started last week.

¨ ANZAC Day commemoration.

¨ Reports and 3 way interviews.

Lots and lots of hard work and learning in all curriculum areas.

Cross Country: Congratulations to the following students who represented our school at the Western Metropolitan Regional Cross Country competition Mia Kemp, Sara Howley, Hugh Haebich and Michael Rudd will go onto the next level.


School Crossing: Please remind children of the need to always use the crossings and to listen to the crossing supervisor before crossing. We have had a report that a near miss occurred when the student did not wait for the supervisors signal to cross the road.

llness: We have had our fair share of illness throughout the term. This has been with children and staff!! The term break is a chance to recharge batteries and pump up the immune system. As always monitor your child’s health and ability to last a full day at school.

Trivia: We  already have 40 + booked in for the night. Bookings can be made via Eventbrite see link below.

The holiday period presents a great opportunity to “study up” ready for the big night. Monies raised from the night will be directed to the South Wing development as some infrastructure will not be covered by the grant. (This includes supplying air conditioning to rooms)

Building Program: Yesterday our panel, Department reps(2), Phil Joyce ( School Council), Scott and I interviewed architectural firms who expressed an interest in undertaking our development. I was impressed with the obvious interest in the school and its community. This is a great indicator of the companies commitment and ownership of the development.

Thank you: This week I want to acknowledge the work undertaken by our emergency teachers. These teachers replace our staff when Professional Development, leave or illness takes the regular teacher away. Our “replacements ” step in and seamlessly continue the children’s program. We are also fortunate that our replacements are regulars and know the children, staff and routines.

Wednesday – Interview day: Children will attend school with their parents on this day at the time “booked”.  If your child is attending care on that day please pick them up from the Multi-Purpose Room before the scheduled time. The interviews only run smoothly if everyone is on time and sticks to the allotted time.

Before and After School care will operate as normal. This will be financially supported by child care benefit refunds. The care during the day does not attract financial support but is very reasonable at $35 per child.

Debating: Along with many parents and students I attended the debates involving our teams. All who attended could not help but be impressed with the way our children conducted themselves and debated the issues. The results were mixed, one win one second and two best speaker awards.

When a debate is at Chilwell I encourage all to come along and be impressed!! Thank you to Miss O and Jason Cole who have guided these students in the debating.

Out of School Hours Care Accounts: Thank you to all the families who currently have their accounts in the positive. As the term draws to an end we need ALL accounts to be zero or positive.

Please help us with this request; your support enables our school to provide the service.  Accounts that remain outstanding force us to withdraw the service.

Term Break: The support we receive at Chilwell from our community and families is fantastic. We all benefit from this but your interest in your child’s education, both socially and academically is a great boost to us all. Hearing reading, checking work, canteen, camps, excursions, School Council, laminating, etc , etc , the list goes on and on. Thank you!

Enjoy the break and the extra time to share experiences with your child/children. We lead busy lives but time with our children goes very quickly and once gone is not offered again.

I also wish all our staff the best for the upcoming break. The commitment shown to the development of our children is second to none. Interest, expertise, extra time is evident every day. Enjoy the time with your loved ones and I look forward to another productive term.



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