From the Principal

Dear families,


Thank You:    Again can I pass on our thanks to all families who have been so supportive of the staff and our students. We are all in the same situation in terms of dealing with the virus. BUT we also need to acknowledge that each individual/family are dealing with it in relation to their own context. The personal pressures and stresses just add to the community challenge of the new way of operating.

Previous newsletters have highlighted some community resources that may be accessed by families to help. Our school resources are also available to our community.

We understand some school arrangements do not suit all, however the context of our school and the Departments guidelines dictate much of our current arrangements. Some aspects are a challenge for us also.



  1. Our children welcomed a new addition to our oval surrounds. Thanks to Jai, our maintenance person, we have a new table and seats for our use. The children are most appreciative and are making full use of the addition. We will be adding to the one table with another 2 in the following weeks.
  2. We have also finalised the tender process for additional storage in the newly renovated South wing. These extra cupboard will be installed over the next school holidays. The extra space will certainly allow a “clean up” of the areas.
  3. I have no extra news on the solar project but expect information soon.


Professional Development:    Staff continue to undertake Professional Development to improve our skills and knowledge. These are not in the usual face to face format rather they occur by WebEx and other platforms.   As example tomorrow we have 3 staff continuing in a Leading Literacy program via WebEx. This will be the 4th day in the program.


Interviews:   We are planning to hold parent teacher interviews during week 8 of this term (week beginning Aug 31). The format planned is to have a “late” opportunity on Wednesday Sept. 2 then hold  a Curriculum Day on Friday Sept. 4. The curriculum day will need to be ratified by school council at our next meeting.  The interviews will be different to the normal interviews but we continue to encourage communication between home and school.

Further details will follow but please pop the dates into the diary now.


Review:    The first day of our School Review begins next Monday. This meeting will map out the approach of the Review and set in place protocols for it to proceed. It is a most exciting time for our school in its endeavour to continue to improve and provide for our students/community.


Bad news- Year 6 Camp:     Today I informed the year 6 students that their camp has been cancelled due to the facility being closed. The camp, like a few, are not in a position to operate under the new guidelines and protocols.

The camp is a real highlight for all the students and their disappointment was obvious. The year 4 camp, booked for November, is still available but this again may change.


Gavan Welsh

Principal Chilwell Primary School.



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