School Calendar

Mon ‘Nude Food’ Monday
April 23 Fri Prep Walk to Chilwell Library (more information to come)

Grade 4  ‘Cultural Conversation’ Incursion

April 26 Mon Anzac Day Service 2:30pm
April 28 Wed Whole School Photo’s
April 30 Fri District Cross Country  (Selected Students)
May 11 – 13 Tue – Thu NAPLAN
May 24 Mon Prep 2022  Information Night  7 – 8:00pm
May 25 Tue Prep 2022 School Tours  9:30 -10:30am
May 27 Thu Prep 2022 School Tours  2:30 – 3:30pm

Prep Alphabet Dress up Day (more information to come)

May 28 Fri Report Writing Day (No Students)
June 2 Wed Prep walk to Stinton Ave shop (more information to come)
June 14 Mon Queens Birthday Public Holiday
June 15 Tue Curriculum Day  (No Students)
June 16 Wed Prep Urban Upcycle (more information to come)
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