School Calendar

Ongoing Wed NUDE FOOD DAY—Pack a wrapper free Lunch
Jul 17 Wed 2OD 3 Way Interviews Commence

(Parents to report to office-Interviews to be conducted in Meeting Room)

Jul 25-30 Thu—Tue Life Ed
Jul 30 Tue Grade 3-4 Incursion Rookeepers
Aug 3 Sat Trivia Night—Geelong Racing Club (SAVE THE DATE)
Aug 19-23 Mon—Fri Book Week
Aug 21 Wed District Athletics—Landy Field
Aug 23 Fri Book Week Parade & Activity Day
Sept 17 Tues. School Concert
Sept 20 Fri Last Day Term 3—DISMISSAL 2.30pm
Oct 7 Mon Curriculum Day—PUPIL FREE DAY TERM 4
Oct 8 Tues Students’ First Day Term 4
Oct 23 Wed Geelong Cup Public Holiday
Oct 24 Thu Braveheart’s Prep – Grade 2 9:30-10:30am
Dec 2-13 Mon-Fri Swimming Program—Geelong College Pool
Dec 20 Fri Last Day Term 4—DISMISSAL 2.30pm
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