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To email the School Council:

School Council meets in the school Staff Room on Monday’s at 6:30pm. All members of the Chilwell Primary School community are welcome to attend. 

What is the role of school council?

All government schools in Victoria have a school council, which is a legal entity in its own right. School councils operate under the framework of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and The Education Regulations 2007.

• Establish the broad direction and vision of the school within the school’s community

• Develop and monitor the school strategic plan 2017 Chilwell Primary School Strategic Plan  (from the school Review in 2016) and Annual Implementation Plan – Chilwell Primary School (2061) – 2018 – Overall Implementation Plan

• Develop, review and update school policies

• Develop, review and monitor the Student Code of Conduct and the School Dress Code

• Raise funds for school related purposes

• Approve the annual budget and monitor expenditure

• Help to maintain the school’s grounds and facilities

• Enter into contracts (e.g. cleaning, construction work)

• Report annually to the school community and to Department of Education and Training.

• Stimulate interest in the school generally

If you would like to know more about the process of school council please make contact with any of our School Council representatives.

Do you know who your members of the Chilwell School Council are and how to contact them?

There are a number of ways to raise any ideas, concerns, etc. within the school community. One of these avenues is your School Council.  You can approach any of the School Council Representatives. Ways you can contact your Representative’s include; face to face contact at school or emailing via the school council email address.  The matters raised can be taken by your Representative to the next School Council meeting.

Current Council Members

Parent Reps:

President: Phil Joyce (Child in Year 4)

Vice President:  Barb Cronin

Secretary: Peter Atanasovski  (Children in Year 2,3 & 5)

Treasurer:  Alastair Mulroyan (Child in Year 2)

Sub Committee member of Finance and Fundraising

Ian Royce: (Child in Year 3)

Sub Committee member of Facilities

Shaun Sleep: (Children  in Year 1 & 3)

Sub Committee member of Fundraising

Tony Lee: (Children  in Year Prep & 2)

Sub Committee member of Facilities

Aisha Kristiansen: (Child in Year 4)

Parent Rep.

DET Staff Representatives:

Gavan Welsh: Principal

Sub Committee member of

Finance and Fundraising, Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) and Food Fair

Scott McCumber: Assistant Principal & Science Teacher

Sub Committee member of Facilities

Mylea Adams: Classroom Teacher, Curriclum

Reports to School Council about the Curriculum

2017 Meeting Dates

Term 1

19th March – AGM followed by Council meeting- election of Office Bearers

Term 2

21st May
18th June

Term 3

20th August
17th September

Term 4

22nd October
19th November
10th or 17th December (SC dinner)

School Council Sub-Committees 

School Council has a range of Subcommittees that School Councillors may lead or be a part of. We would also encourage other parents and families who want to help out, contribute and improve the school, to contact the various members of the committee if interested. The more the merrier! Please email us on if you are interested in joining any of these committees at any time!

The School Council Sub-Committees:

Each sub-committee reports to School Council making recommendations within their area of responsibility.    All members of the School Council are expected to join a sub-committee which generally meet twice each term prior to School Council meetings.

  1. Finance / Fundraising – meets one week prior to each School Council Meeting.  The scope of this committee covers the preparation of an annual budget, monitoring of expenditure, administration of school funds and the review and co-ordination of fundraising activities.     Meetings are held at time convenient to members and are open to all interested people either as a source of information or as an active participant.
  1. Canteen. Oversees the management of the canteen where the school aims to provide a healthy lunch for the students via a local cafe 9operates on a Friday).    The sub-committee aims to encourage good dietary habits in children.
  1. Facilities. Responsible for the maintenance of the grounds and buildings keeping them in a safe and attractive condition, sometimes through working bees.   As well the sub-committee carries out planning for projects of improvements and works closely with the Finance Committee in monitoring the use of funds in School Council reserves.
  1. Out of School Hours Child Care. Oversees the operation of the program, funding and attendance. This involves hiring of staff, program delivery, budget preparation and implementation.
  1. Chilwell Fair / Trivia Night. The Chilwell Fair held in March is one of the School’s major fundraising and community activity and is now a well established social event in the Newtown area. The Planning Committee is always looking for new members with fresh ideas and energy.   Effectively co-ordinating the efforts of 280+ families ensures we meet our fundraising target and have a lot of fun. The Trivia Night is planned for Term 3.


Sub-Committee Current Membership
Finance / Fundraising

(8 meetings  per year)

Alastair Mulroyan, Phil Joyce

Gavan Welsh

Canteen Not currently operating
Facilities Scott McCumber, Phil Joyce

Ian Royce

Out of School Hours Care

(once per term)

Gavan Welsh

Phil Joyce

Chilwell Fair / Trivia Night


Gavan Welsh

Shaun Sleep

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