Chilwell Primary School prides itself on providing high quality Literacy and Numeracy education. The staff and Leadership are committed to a minimum of 10 hours of Literacy and 5 hours of Numeracy per week. Staff are also committed to developing students who can think and problem solve. We have been immersed in Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) for the past 2 years with Professional Development sessions from Jeni Wilson (Melbourne University) and our experienced staff leading us.

Specialist Programs

Students are also engaged in a range of specialist areas in Physical Education, Visual Art, LOTE (Italian), Library, Performing Arts (School Concert – 10 week program in Term 3) and ICT. We have a small band and choir that is run by some staff on a volunteer basis outside of school hours and we have a Chaplain who works with students (parent consent required), staff and families. The Specialist teachers often run extra curricula activities and involve the Year 6 students in various committees across the school.


Staff have access to 3 curriculum coaches – Sarah Jeffreys is our Leading Teacher in Literacy and coaches staff in these areas. Rohan Perrott is our Numeracy Coach and supports staff in building their capacity in teaching Numeracy. Dale Rippon works with staff in the are od ICT on a 1:1 basis in areas staff want to know more about or how to apply certain aspects of ICT into the curriculum.

Our ICT program is coordinated by Scott McCumber and each class has a ‘skill and drill’ session with Scott and their classroom teacher. ICT is not taught in isolation but is integrated into the Curriculum content being learnt. We are lucky to have a solid foundation to apply Teaching & Learning with students. We have optimal conditions with students who want to learn, staff who want to teach at their best and a range of facilities and resources that enhance what we do.

BringIT2Chilwell iPad Program

2015 saw the introduction of our iPad program in Years 3-6 called ” BringIT2Chilwell”. During the past five years staff have used and trialled iPads in the classroom and have found them an engaging tool that adds value to their programs. It is important to remember that TEACHERS TEACH! The iPad is a tool that students access if and when they need. We believe the iPad allows us to cater for a level of creativity that we were unable to address prerviously – as they were not invented! Who knows what will happen in the next 5 years!!!


Please visit  our dedicated website with all relevant information for the program. As of November 2017 we have had a 75% uptake across the grades.

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